How to Tie a Uni Knot

The Uni Knot, is one of the most versatile, strongest, and simplest knots to tie.

Losing a fish to knot failure can be frustrating. Not only is it goodbye dinner, but you can forget about ever seeing your lure, hooks or expensive leads and fluorocarbon leaders again.

One knot failure can cost upwards of fifty bucks or more in lost gear. It’s a disaster for sure, but also preventable one.

Tying a proper knot ensures your terminal tackle stays where it belongs, firmly attached to your line… and buried in the mouth of your opponent.

It’s why every angler should have the Uni as part of their knot tying arsenal…

And the Uni knot, also known as the Grinner Knot or Duncan Loop Knot, is one of the strongest, easiest knots to tie.

This go-to knot’s been used since the 1960’s when its original namesake, Norman Duncan, first developed it. Since then, the Uni’s been the standard knot used in everything from light tackle trout fishing, to fighting pelagic beasts out in the blue water.

Because it works.

You can tie directly to a hook, swivel, or lure. You can also use the Uni as a line-to-line knot - known as the double Uni - and it can be used with all line types and line weights.

This versatile knot is rated at 90%-line strength, doesn’t slip, and if tied properly, can be seamlessly reeled right through rod guides and onto your reel. This is especially important if you’re tying a long line-to-line leader or using backing.

Here’s how easy it is to tie…

  1. Run your line through the hook eye, swivel, or jig eye if you’re tying direct. Then, double back parallel to the running line. Leave about 6 inches of tag end from the eye. If it’s your first time, leave a foot or so.

    Uni Knot
  2. Next, take your tag end, and double that back towards the hook. It should form an “S” with the top curve of the “S” going through the eye. The bottom portion of the “S” is your tag end.


  3. Then, take the tag end and loop over the running line and center of the “S”.

  4. Make 5 to 6 turns with the tag end, being sure not to loop over the tag end loop.
     Uni Knot
  5. After a few turns, moisten all the line around the knot and pull the tag end until it’s good and snug. Now, you’ve got a Uni knot.

  6. Next, slide the knot down the line to the hook, swivel, or lure…

  7. Cut off the tag… and head out for battle!

    To tie two lines together - a double Uni - simply use one line as if it were a hook eye and tie a Uni knot to it with the other line.

    Then tie a Uni knot with the remining line to the previous Uni. Pull the knots together and cut off your tags.

    Tighten you knots good to ensure they run smoothly through your guides.

    For the best results, only tie Uni knots with high quality line, to high quality hooks and lures.


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