Deep Drop Fluorescent Light
Rite Angler’s Deep Drop Fluorescent fishing light is a great addition to your deep drop rig. The object of a deep drop light is to imitate bioluminescent prey. As a result, they attract gamefish such as swordfish, yellow eyes, tilefish,...
Green Blazer Fish & Game LED Floodlight
The Rite Angler Green Blazer fish & game LED Floodlight is compact and specifically designed for attracting fish to your dock or boat while night fishing by providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. It illuminates the surrounding water in a...
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If you go fishing, or catch bait at night, you need a good fish attracting light.

Charlie’s Worms offers The Rite Angler Green Blazer fish & game LED Floodlight. It’s compact and specifically designed for attracting fish to your dock or boat while night fishing.

It provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that attracts fish. It illuminates the surrounding water in a warm green light. It has a photoelectric sensor and is light activated. It turns on at dusk, off at dawn; meaning you can set it up and forget about it.

Our Fish & Game LED Floodlight is ideal for hunting or fishing at night. Why?

Fish, as well as other wildlife, are comfortable and behave more naturally under green LED light than other colored lights. For us, the green light creates a better contrast at night which will increase visibility. This makes it easier to spot dark-colored animals as well as deeper penetration of dark water when fishing.

Projecting a green LED fishing floodlight onto the water starts by first attracting plankton. Baitfish are then drawn to the light to feed on the plankton. After that, larger game fish like snook, tarpon, or bass arrive to feed on the baitfish.

An added benefit: a 100% LED green fishing light is less attractive to insects than non-LED lighting.

Fishing lights are like gamefish magnets. In addition to The Green Blazer, Charlie’s worms also offer deep drop fluorescent lights for our deep saltwater fishing friends. These lights help attract monsters from below like Swordfish, wreckfish and grouper.

Why Choose Charlie’s Worms Fishing Lights

Charlie’s Worms is known for its super high-quality baits and tackle. We offer fishing lights for both freshwater and saltwater anglers. Fishing lights are like fish magnets. You can attract baitfish and gamefish all at once!

Our fishing lights are the strongest, most versatile fishing lights in the industry. And we offer our fishing lights to you at the best possible price.

All our fishing lights are designed by real anglers, for real anglers. You won’t find higher quality fishing lights, at a better-quality value, anywhere else.

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