How to Rig Charlie's Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm

Captain Mike Jones shows you how to rig Charlie's Ribbon Tail Swimming Worms with a bobber stopper, weight, and a straight shank hook. Charlie Infiger started selling his patented 8" swimming worm to local bait and tackle shops around Lake Okeechobee over 40 years ago and we're still making the same killer worms today. They're available in 6", 8" and 10" . These ribbon tail worms create a great visual trigger as well as vibration, both of which attract Bass and other fish. Charlie's Swimming Worms belong in every Bass tackle box!
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  • Charlie's high-quality Swimming Worms are made of medium texture plastisol that allows the flexible ribbon tail to move naturally.
  • Ribbon-tailed worm floats weightlessly 1-2 feet below the surface
  • 3D Swimming Worm’s back forms a curly tail on the end. Its flexible body creates motion in the water that attracts fish.
  • The plastic worm body is durable and reusable and can be rigged with a weight to fish at any depth.
  • Targeted often by pike, walleye, bass, and other gamefish.
  • Available in a variety of colors
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