How to Rig Charlie's Worms Zipper Dipper

A very versatile, solid, paddle tail swimbait, Charlie's Zipper Dipper style scented soft baits can be used anywhere you fish, and they'll attract just about any fish that swims. You'll have great success catching big bass in any conditions. The Zipper Dipper is one of the easiest baits to use even when you're fishing for the first time, you really can't fish them wrong. They can be fished deep or shallow, through grass or wood, on an umbrella rig, or skipped under docks. You name it. As one of our customers said, "A real go-to bait. Great vibration and action through the water."

Watch Captain Mike Jones show you how easy it is to rig Charlie's Zipper Dipper. This rig is great on light tackle and in grass/weeds. You'll want to give this lethal swimbait a try!

Charlies Worms Big Dipper 2sides

The groove built into the underside of the Zipper Dippers works perfectly when you rig your Zipper Dipper. Put the hook through the bait and skin hook the point to protect it from hanging up. Some rigging options include open jighead, weightless for waking, weedless with a weighted hook, umbrella rig, under-spin trailer, and more. Try them with Charlie's Jig Heads, or Red Eye Jigs!

Redfish Red eye Jig

Charlie's Worms owner Mark Libratore catching 'em with our 1/8oz Red Eye Jig on a Zipper Dipper

Charlies Soft Bait Approved Sw Fw Badge Lg 

Dedicated to both freshwater and saltwater fishermen. We do all we can to have the best quality of baits in the industry. Our unique scent is a proven factor in increasing your catch! Over 40 years of Proven Bass Tackle. Pros and non-pros alike test Charlie’s Worms soft baits and continue to find them to be at the top of their game in all areas. As always, we appreciate any of your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

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