How and When to Fish a Soft Plastic Crawfish

Are you looking for the best fishing lures for bass fishing? Soft plastic crawfish can be an excellent choice for freshwater fishing. Soft plastics are a common lure for anglers due to their mobility and ability to travel through different fishing locations. Learn how to use crawfish lures and the places they’re best suited for below.

The Benefits of Fishing With Crawfish Lures

Soft plastic crawfish is one of the best freshwater fishing lures to use for catching bass. Soft plastic crawfish lures’ high success rate for catching fish is partially due to their versatility in design, color, and size. Since these crawfish lures are plastic, they are moldable to appear like living creatures that fish eat.

Catfish, rock bass, common carp, largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass eat crawfish. These freshwater fishing lures appear to make crawfish lures adept at streamlining fishing baits in clear or muddy water. Attach a soft plastic crawfish bait to any rig and start flipping and pitching in shallow water or along rocky bottoms. 

The Best Seasons to Use Soft Plastic Crawfish Lures

While you can catch bass with soft plastic crawfish lures any time of year, there are specific occasions when you will have better results for this bait. Late winter through early spring and early fall are excellent times to use these fishing lures to catch bass. Why is this? Fall, winter, and early spring are the times of the year when bass are actively feeding. Water conditions also affect how many fish you catch with crawfish lures.

Water Conditions Effects on Crawfish Lures

There are many ways anglers use crawfish lures to catch fish. When deciding which type of crawfish lure to choose, pay attention to the color of the water you will be fishing in. The color of the water will affect how your soft plastic crawfish looks underwater. Depending on the color scheme, a fish may or may not take the bait. If there isn’t enough contrast to make it stand out or it doesn’t look appetizing, the fish may not bite.

Which colors are best suited for different bodies of water? If you are fishing in an area that has low visibility or at night, darker-colored crawfish lures like blue, black, and green are a wise choice. If you are fishing during daylight, brighter colors such as red, yellow, and orange will better match the color of the water. Charlie’s Worms provides large crawfish lures to use as freshwater bait.

What Are The Best Locations For Crawfish lures?

How do you fish with crawfish lures? You should use these freshwater fishing lures near the bottom of your body of water, no matter the type of crawfish lure. Living crawfish typically live on the bottom in rocky areas to hide from predators and are rarely found near the water’s surface. Place your crawfish lure near rocks, stumps, and other covers and have them hop around to mimic the behavior of their living counterparts for the best fishing outcome.

Are you ready to upgrade your fishing gear with high-quality and affordable freshwater fishing lures? Charlie’s Worms provides soft plastic baits to aid you in catching your desired fish. Check out our selection of fishing lures today to rig your next catch.

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