4 Child-Friendly Lures To Get Them Their First Catch

Are you looking to share the joys of fishing with your child? As a fishing fan, you’re likely aware that the lure you use for fishing is important to the type of fish you want to catch and can greatly affect a beginner’s learning curve. Some baits make catching and releasing fish easier and safer as they hook onto a fish’s jaw and deter unwanted fish. You can choose from a wide range of freshwater and saltwater fishing lures depending on where and in which season you and your child want to fish.

Where should you start? Soft plastic lures such as plastic fishing worms, jigs, and jerk baits are easy to rig and have high-success rates for catching fish. Do you want to take your child out to the lake for a relaxing day of fishing? The best fishing lures for kids create fun and exciting memories for your child to learn to fish with while remaining affordable and safe to use. Keep your child entertained and happy as they learn how to fish with a child-friendly fishing lure.

Benefits of Soft Plastic Fishing Baits

There are many different types of fishing lures to choose from for your kid’s first time. While there are benefits to other types of baits, soft plastic fishing lures are a phenomenal choice due to their versatility in rigging and safety. Plastic fishing worms catch most fish that can fit into their mouths.

Whether you want to have a fun and memorable day fishing with your child in saltwater or freshwater, summer or winter, there is an abundance of child-friendly lures for you to choose from when you take your kid fishing for the first time.

The Ribbon Tail Worm

Are you looking to catch pike, walleye, bass, or carp for your child’s first time on the lake? The ribbon tail worm lure is one of the best fishing lures for kids when it comes to catching these gamefish. This high-quality and durable fishing bait floats one to two feet below the surface, its flexible ribbon tail moves naturally in the water and draws a fish’s attention. It is a popular choice for its success rate, catch after catch.

The ribbon tail worm lure is a soft plastic lure that is an excellent choice for beginners and children alike for their first time out on the lake. Drag or hop the ribbon tail worm along the bottom of the pool of water or lift and drop it through brush piles to achieve this lure’s desired catch. You can even use this simplistic easy-to-rig fishing bait for an exciting time of night fishing together with your child.

The Soft Plastic Crawfish

Do you want a freshwater fishing lure that is easy to use and cast at any time of year? Our soft plastic crawfish lure is a versatile creature bait that will help any beginner angler catch small and largemouth bass, pickerel, and muskie. Cast this freshwater, scented soft bait in late winter and early spring for optimal bites. The soft plastic crawfish lure appears like a real crawfish and comes in nine different colors to mimic the appearance of varying crawfish in unique types of water.

An excellent technique for catching fish with this freshwater lure is by hopping or dragging the soft plastic crawfish along rocky bottoms or flipping and pitching along shallow waters to attract your desired fish. This easy-to-use lure makes for a reusable and durable bait that will not only catch fish but provide a good time fishing with your kid.

Curly Tail Grubs

Curly Tail Grubs are versatile bait that you can use in freshwater and saltwater if you are looking for the best fishing lures for kids. You can use this fishing lure on a simple jighead to catch a wide variety of fish or weedless to minimize the chances of your child’s line snagging. Curly tail grubs are a high-quality lure as you can catch a large selection of gamefish no matter where they spawn in water.

Charlie’s Worms curly tail grub kit holds 23 pieces in four color schemes, providing a large selection of bait for you and your child to choose from for their first time fishing. When rigging curly tail grubs, ensure that you are matching your grub’s overall length and body thickness to the jig head’s size and weight. Beginner fishermen will find swimming and jigging to be effective fishing methods when using curly tail grubs.

The Finesse Worm

The Finesse Worm fishing lure is an effective and easy-to-rig fishing lure. With its weight evenly distributed on either end and thin midsection, this fishing worm’s unique structure ensures optimal action when you or your child is fishing. Common fish caught with the finesse worm are walleye and smallmouth bass. This high-quality soft plastic fishing lure is an excellent bait for inexperienced anglers due to its versatility in catching and ease of rigging. There are many techniques that can be used with these plastic fishing worms to guarantee a bite. Drop shots are excellent rigs for finesse worms as it generates action while maintaining their status as weedless bait.

Now that you know of four high-quality and easy-to-use lures, you’re ready to enjoy a relaxing day on the lake with your child. Always stay confident and encouraging when fishing with a child. Remember, they may struggle to use the equipment and they may not get a catch their first time out. However, a good fishing lure can indeed increase the chance of catching a fish and lower the learning curve for first-time fishermen.

Share a special moment with your child as you both admire their first catch. Charlie’s Worms has provided high-quality baits in the fishing industry for over 40 years. Improve the likelihood of getting a bite on your kid’s fishing line with the best fishing lures for kids. Browse our selection of child-friendly fishing worms to find the best fishing lures for a stress-free and fun day on the lake.

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