How and When to Fish a Ribbon Tail Worm

Did you know that soft plastic ribbon tail worms are one of the best freshwater fishing lures out there? Anglers have used these freshwater fishing lures since the 1960s for their high probability of catching fish. Soft plastic worm lures come in many shapes, styles, and colors to choose from.

Are you looking for an excellent fishing lure to catch bass? The ribbon tail worm is a popular bait that produces great outcomes regardless of conditions or the time of year you are fishing.

The Benefits of Fishing With A Ribbon Tail Worm

The ribbon tail worm is a soft plastic fishing lure designed to imitate the swimming pattern of baby snakes, a common food source for gar and largemouth bass. Compared to live bait, ribbon tail worms are high-end baits that are durable for repeated use. You can save more money and catch more fish with these gentle, lifelike lures.

The Best Seasons For Ribbon Tail Worm Lures

Because the ribbon tail worm resembles baby snakes, you will achieve outstanding outcomes with this bait during the summertime in southern lakes. Fish that are attracted to ribbon tail worms will gather in locations that provide expansive coverage in plant life, where they receive quality oxygen. Fish breathe through their gills and require oxygen to survive. Since the water is warmer in the summer, there may be less oxygen in the water, causing fish to gather together in inflow areas and near water surfaces where oxygen is dense.

Fish are more active in the summer than in other seasons as they search for food. That makes ribbon tail worms an optimal choice due to their more significant action and range of use in different bodies of water.  

How Bodies of Water Affect Your Lure & Which Colors You Should Use

Did you know that the color of freshwater fishing lures appears differently based on the water they are in and the time of day used? Our ribbon tail worms come in various customized colors for you to choose from based on the weather conditions where you are fishing. Lighter colors for warm weather and clear water create great results, while darker colors are better suited for cloudy water with low visibility or night fishing.

The ribbon tail worm’s unique tail action makes it an excellent choice for night fishing, as fish can sense the vibrations of the soft plastic tricks tail’s in the dark.

The Best Locations to Use Ribbon Tail Worm Lures

For best results, you should use ribbon tail worms when fishing in brush or grass underwater in southern lakes. This freshwater fishing lure can be used in a variety of water depths from 10 to 15 feet with a weighted rig. Slowly sweep your rod upwards to naturally imitate a baby snake hopping off the bottom of the water. The Texas, Carolina, and split shot rig are all excellent techniques to increase your chances of catching a fish with ribbon tail worms. 

Are you ready to use freshwater fishing lures on your next trip out to the water? Charlie’s Worms supplies high-end and affordable baits for you to check out. Plan your next fishing trip with our popular ribbon tail worm lure.
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