Bucktail Jigs For The Biggest Fish

Have you been out fishing lately only to find out that your fishing lures catch nothing? If your best lures aren’t helping you land big fish, it’s time to update your freshwater fishing gear. The big game demands a big and tasty Bucktail Jig, so head over to Charlie’s Worms to find exactly what the fish are looking for!

What is a Bucktail Jig?

A Bucktail Jig is a lure that attracts the attention of all kinds of fish all over the world, whether you’re looking for a few big lake trout, lunker bass or a 100-pound catfish. No matter the species, all kinds of fish love nice-looking bucktail jigs — but simply throwing one in the lake won’t get them biting. You need high-quality jigs that will drive fish wild while being durable enough to withstand the punishment that strong fish can dish out.

How to Choose Your Bucktail Jig

When looking for the perfect Bucktail Jig, you want to stick to one golden rule; your first choice should always be white. This doesn’t mean that it needs to be all white, but it should have elements of white in it. The color white is essential for fishing, especially in deeper waters because it will reflect light better than any other solid color.

Of course, white doesn’t work every time. This is why you need a full array of colors. But always begin your jigging with white… then switch up to ever increasingly darker colors until you find the color that’s nabbing them.

The next thing you’ll want to focus on is the hook size of your Bucktail Jig. Depending on the size of the monster you’re looking for, you may want to look into 3/0 or less for a smaller catch. If you’re looking to land something bigger, use 4/0 or above — these will work great for big game fish. Also, be sure to use the proper weighted jig when fishing. If you’re jigging deep, you’ll need a heavier jig to get down there and a lighter jig for shallower water.

How to Use Your Bucktail Jig

If you’re new to using Bucktail Jigs, you’ll need to know the proper techniques on how to use them. This will ensure that you’ll be able to snag a few big boys to take home for the dinner table. Below are some of the best tips and tricks on how to use your brand new Charlie’s Worms jigs.

  1. When using a Bucktail Jig, you’ll want to place it right at the bottom. Once you feel it hit the bottom, pull it up 3 feet or so, then allow it to sit still for just a moment. Pull it up again for another two feet, then let it sit still again — do this at an erratic pace to make it look like an injured fish.
  2. If you find that this technique isn’t working right from the start, you can add scent to your bucktail jig (or as we said earlier, change colors). If you can get your hands on some gel scent, it will help attract fish with a smell that can stay on for hours.
  3. If the artificial scent trick above still doesn’t help, we’ll need to move on to the real stuff. Start by grabbing some smelt or other natural bait and place some at the tip of your hook. Alternatively, you can also use live bait to stick on the end of the hook. While these tactics can almost always guarantee a catch, you may still find it hard to land the fish you’re after.
  4. If everything you’ve done is still not enough, here’s one last piece of advice. When the water is murky, fish won’t be able to rely on their sight to look for prey. As such, they will only rely on vibrations in the water — this means you can use noise to your advantage.

You can try taping or tying a few rattlers under the hook’s shaft, which will allow you to overwhelm the fish’s senses when jigging. By pulling on your lure and leading it through the water, big trout will sense that it’s a smaller prey fish. In addition, it will seem like it’s struggling, and will trigger the predator’s instinct to attack.

Head to Charlie’s Worms for Quality Bucktail Jigs

To get your hands on a wide range of Bucktail Jigs, head straight to CharliesWorms.com where you can find the world’s best Bucktail Jigs for fish of every size. With 40 years of experience, we have the highest-quality freshwater lures and tackle. We are anglers ourselves and every one of our lures have been designed to catch more fish for us… and now for you too!

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