7 Best Beginner Bass Lures

7 Best Beginner Bass Lures 

Bass fishing is an angler’s dream outing. What could be better than going out on the water, casting some lines, and hauling in a juicy largemouth bass? You can enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors: fresh air, sunshine, and the beautiful scenery of the lake or river that holds your favorite fishing spot. You also get to haul in the day's catch and spend some time with family and friends in a relaxing, rugged environment. What more could you ask for?

How about some advice on the best beginner bass lures out there? Whether you’re an experienced angler or a complete beginner, bass lures are your best friend if you want to catch anything! With so many different types of bass lures available on the market, which ones are the right ones for you? Are some better than others, or is it all a matter of preference and situation? When should you use plastic fishing worms, when should you use fishing jigs, and when do you consider live bait? 

Seasoned anglers develop their own preferences; every angler has a bait they swear by, but the truth is that not all lures are created equal. Different lures appeal to bass in different ways. As you develop your fishing skills over time, you’ll find the best options for you and learn how to determine the right bait for the right environment.

About Us

Charlie’s Worms has been in business for over thirty years, selling high-quality lures all across the United States. We specialize in freshwater baits and other gear and have decades of experience helping anglers catch their favorite fish. Like you, we have a passion for fishing at Charlie’s Worms, and we believe that one of the most important things any angler can do is help beginners break into this amazing hobby. 

Below, we’ll discuss seven of the most common bait types and how you might use them. This guide is a great way for beginners to learn the intricacies of fishing for largemouth bass. We’re also happy to answer more of your questions and offer more information on our blog. As with most worthy pursuits in life, fishing is about always learning, perfecting your technique, and understanding the fish and their habitat. 

At Charlie’s Worms, we know our prey just like we know our gear, and now we’re here to share that knowledge with you. Here is a list of beginner bass lures and how they can help you land those bass!


Soft Baits

Soft baits include things like plastic fishing worms. These lures are made to resemble the worms and insects that bass love to eat. Soft baits are versatile because their superior mobility and soft bodies make them more maneuverable. Soft baits are less likely to catch if you’re fishing in weedy areas, shallow water, or trying to pull your line through branches and the like. For beginners, this type of bass lure is always a great option.


Crankbaits are made to resemble crayfish and small, colorful fish. They’re effective year-round and in a variety of conditions, and their adaptability makes them popular choices for anglers and the bass they’re trying to catch. A slow, steady retrieve is effective for these, mimicking the crawling crayfish. 


When it comes to baits, frogs are an excellent choice for beginner bait lures. When you rig a frog, you want to leave the hind legs free so the frog can swim naturally. As bass are predatory fish, they love to snap up frogs and small fish, making these baits both effective and completely natural, for the anglers who prefer to stick to the more-natural options.


Swimbaits are designed to replicate a lifelike swimming motion, especially when retrieved. Bass love these all year long, but the season and local conditions will affect how you use them. For example, rig them with a weedless hook to fish in shallow waters. 

Creature Baits

Creature baits are kind of a catch-all category. They emulate creatures that bass may prey upon, and sometimes prove effective even when they don’t resemble the fish’s natural prey. Curious bass are often the first ones to grab the hook, after all! Popular designs include crawfish, insects, or small tentacled creatures. Use a slow retrieval with these baits, as the dangling legs and colorful bodies are sure to attract bass.


Jigs are one of the most versatile baits to use as they are great in any season and any water. These are weighted baits, usually skirted, and the flash and motion they make is always a great way to attract hungry bass. Fishing jigs are exceptionally effective in shallow, grassy waters, along the banks, and deep water. 


If we had to pick one beginner bass lure to enhance your fishing, jigs would be a cheap, adaptable option well-suited to helping you learn.


Spinners are metal lures designed to spin as they move through the water. Because this action makes them resemble various baitfish, they work best moving at a medium pace to present the most attractive option to the bass. Spinnerbaits are considered more effective at night and in the early hours. 

Freshwater Means Fresh Fish

If you’re a bass fishing beginner, you’re in for one of the most thrilling experiences found at the other end of a rod and reel. Charlie’s Worms offers a staggering variety of freshwater baits for both seasoned anglers and total amateurs. On behalf of anglers everywhere, we welcome you to the hobby, and we hope this list helps get you started. 


Beginner bass lures pave an easy path to more advanced equipment and techniques, and you may just find that you’re every bit as hooked on the sport as the bass is on your line! If you want to enjoy the invigorating thrill of the outdoors, and the challenge of tackling big, predatory fish, you’ve come to the right place. At Charlie’s Worms, we’ve been there, so we know exactly how it feels to catch your first largemouth bass triumph. We know our baits will give you every advantage in the hunt!

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