3 Best Winter Bass Fishing Lures

Winter bass fishing can be difficult. Most bass eat only at certain times during the day, and due to their decreased metabolism, they are less likely to search for food. However, the bonus of fishing during the winter is that the bass have had all year to get nice and large.

So, should you go winter bass fishing? Well, why not? Fishing doesn’t need to be a warm-weather sport exclusively. Sure, there will be several challenges during the winter compared to the warmer seasons, but the reward of catching that weighty bass is something an angler can’t resist.

We’ll leave the time and method to your discretion, but here at Charlie's Worms, we recommend looking into some of the best freshwater fishing lures available for the winter catch.

Plastic Worms

Live bait can be challenging to procure during winter, so plastic worms and other soft baits work wonderfully. They are versatile, durable, and reliable lures made with a medium texture and high-quality plastisol that gives it signature flexibility in freshwater. Plastic worms attract bass regardless of the season.

Why Plastic Worms?

Plastic worms imitate real worms while moving slowly enough to be an easy bite for the less-hungry winter bass. They also complement most freshwater fishing tackle boxes and winter bass fishing tackle boxes by being easy to use for both the hobbyist and the experienced angler.


As if the jig needs any explanation! It is the most common, reliable, and effective winter bass fishing lure. Depending on the depth necessary to secure a catch, jigs can be modified to cut through vegetation, weave through rocks, and sink or float.

Why Jigs?

Aside from their versatility, jigs come in many different shapes and colors that can help secure a catch during your winter bass fishing adventure. It complements the slower technique of winter bass fishing by sinking just fast enough in the water, you can move it slowly and jigs give the bass plenty of time to gulp down the bait lazily.


Slow, down to the bottom, a jerk bait simulates a real piece of bait and is slow enough to keep the winter bass interested enough to bite down. They come in various shapes, though they usually imitate smaller, bait-like fish.

Why Jerkbait?

Depending on your climate, bass tend to swim to deeper waters in the winter months. Having a freshwater fishing lure that gets deep enough into the water is essential. Winter bass fishing can be tiring, given the lack of activity from the bass, so having a tool that can be pushed into their hiding spots will help lure out the few who are just that tiny bit hungrier for another meal.

Where To Go From Here

For your new winter bass fishing adventure, we recommend visiting CharlieWorms.com. Remember, you do not need to overthink fishing in the winter. Just get out there and try your best to get the biggest bass you can.Oh, and have fun!

Check out Charlie's Worms for all your tackle, bait, and freshwater fishing lure needs, and get yourself out there regardless of the season!

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