Charlie's Baby Shad (12 Pack)
Charlie's Baby Shad 2.5" scented, paddle tail soft bait. This mini shad can be fished by itself, on a jig, dredge, or daisy chain Charlie’s Baby Shad has a double-sided beveled eye that looks natural in the water The tapered...
cw saltwater collection

Going Saltwater Fishing? We got you covered!

Charlie’s Worms saltwater fishing collection offers saltwater anglers nearly everything needed to catch massive blue marlin, spectacular sailfish, or the grumpiest grouper on the reef.
If you love saltwater fishing, you’ll love the lures, hooks, sinkers, line and leader, swivels, crimps and jigs in our saltwater fishing collection. Or, as we call it, the best collection of superb quality saltwater fishing tackle you’ll find anywhere.
But Charlies’ Worms saltwater fishing collection isn’t just for catching giant blue marlin or sailfish. Our saltwater fishing collection offers the trolling lures, jigs and terminal tackle for fishing every type of saltwater fish.
We have the gear to help you catch Mahi-mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, Snapper, Kingfish, Grouper, Tilefish, Swordfish and more!

Charlie’s Worms saltwater fishing collection includes a wide array of trolling lures, bucktail jigs, Jig heads, terminal tackle like sinkers hooks, crimp sleeves, crimping kits and hook kits.
Our saltwater fishing collection offers trolling lures in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Our sinkers come in a variety of weights and shapes, and we have hooks of all styles and sizes.
Of course, for the biggest blue marlin, nothing beats a set of 12” chugger trolling lures!

Charlie’s Worms saltwater fishing collection offers the highest quality:

Cast nets
Trolling lures
Soft baits
Deep drop rigs
Grouper rigs
Chicken rigs
Pompano Rigs
Snapper rigs
Bucktail Jigs
Jig Heads
Fluorocarbon leader
Trolling leads
Fishing kites
Deep drop lights
Ballyhoo, Mortician and other bait rigging needles
Live bait balloons
Crimp Sleeves
Full saltwater fishing kits
Saltwater rigging kits
The strongest hooks
And More!

Why Choose Charlie’s Worms saltwater fishing collection 

All Charlie’s Worms trolling lures, baits, jigs and tackle in our saltwater fishing collection are made from the highest quality materials. We are known, industrywide, as having some of the most effective gear in the industry. But, even though we offer the highest quality saltwater lures and tackle anywhere, we offer them to you at an unbeatable value.
Why? Because we love fishing too!
All our trolling lures, soft baits, jigs, and terminal tackle were hand selected for our collection, by saltwater anglers, for saltwater anglers.

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