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Double Loop Torpedo Weight
Double Loop Torpedo Weight Lead Double Loop Torpedo Weight are standard trolling sinkers with an eye at each end. Get your bait down deep. Attach your line to one end, a leader to the other, and your bait will stay...
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Charlie's Pre-Rigged Shrimp Trio (3 Pack)
Charlie’s pre-rigged shrimp trio — ready-to-go right out of the package. Charlie’s Worm's own realistic fantail shrimp design. Scented soft bait that holds up, cast after cast. Weighted insert in the center Realistic movement 4" body with black, protruding eyes...
Ballyhoo Needle 9"
Rig your bait like the pros! Long, open eye rigging needles for use with a bead chain when rigging Ballyhoo. The 9" Ballyhoo Needle is long so it can run through the entire length of the ballyhoo. Attach hooked end...
Pompano Rig (1 Pack)
Pompano fishing rig with 40-lb. test monofilament, #5 barrel swivel, and a snap on the bottom. 2-Hook Rig – Hook: 2/0, Length: 35" 3-Hook Rig – Hook: 2/0, Length: 54" Rite Angler Pompano Rig, 40-lb. test monofilament, with a #5 barrel swivel and a snap on...
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Grouper Rig with Egg Sinker
Grouper Rig with Egg Sinker. Designed especially for grouper, also effective on snapper and tarpon. Superior quality monofilament leader that can withstand line-gnawing reefs, a 2oz. barrel swivel, egg sinker, and an in-line circle hook that meets the requirements of...
Double Swivel Sinker .8oz - 10pk
Double Swivel Sinker Double Swivel Sinkers are standard trolling sinkers with a swivel at each end. Get your bait down deep. Attach your line to one end, a leader to the other, and your bait will stay in the zone....
Tuna Dart Trolling Lures Set of 4
Tuna Dart Trolling Lures - Four, 8" Pre-rigged, Skirted Lures Attract big game fish when trolling with this set of high-quality lures. This set allows you variety and the ability to build a selection of base colors. The acrylic dart...
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Double Drop Rig, Clear Mono or Wire Line
Rite Angler's Double Drop Rig two-pack is designed with superior, anti-corrosive materials and can be relied upon for continuous success. Available in clear mono or black wire Fish two hooks on these high-quality rigs Useful at beaches, bridges, and piers...
Poor Man's Downrigger
Rite Angler's Poor Man's Downrigger gets your bait down deep! Choose your size. 1/pk--Rite Angler's Poor Man's Downrigger gets your bait down deep! This fishing rig is a cost-efficient method of getting your bait down deep. This innovative product combines...
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Copper Fishing Wire
Copper fishing wire. This rigging wire sinks more rapidly than stainless steel and allows you to troll deeper with less line in the water. Kink resistant with good flexibility. It's believed by some that the positive ions present in copper...
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8" Chugger Head Trolling Lures Set of 10
10, 8″, pre-rigged chugger-head topwater trolling lures in four colors Chugger style lures produce an in-line action. They swim well in calm or rough conditions. The concave head makes a chugger dig in. This creates a bubble trail that attracts...
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11" Jet Head Trolling Lures Set of 4
11" Jet Head Trolling Lures with carrying case.BIG GAME LURES - JET HEAD CHUGGERS - SET OF 4 Four, 11" pre-rigged saltwater lures Crystal resin concave jet heads with 3D holographs 3D, Life-like moving eyes Double heavy-duty skirts provide more...
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12″ Chuggers Set of 4
Set of Four 12" Chuggers. Pre-rigged with 150lb line and 2x stainless steel hooks TARGET SPECIES: Proven effective for Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Mackerel, Kingfish, Barracuda, Wahoo...Any saltwater game fish. Heavy-duty, big game, saltwater trolling lures. Chugger-head style, topwater trolling...
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Double Hookset Rig
The heavy-duty double hookset rig features a pair of 180-degree offset 3407 Mustad O’Shaughnessy saltwater hooks with ringed eyes and a Duratin finish. The stainless steel cable is heat shrink tubing wrapped for abrasion resistance and keeping the hooks in...
Big Game Stainless Steel Hooks
Big Game Stainless Steel Hook 2/pk For offshore trolling and gamefish. Strong, powerful hooks. Razor-sharp knifepoint for fast penetration. Target Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, and other big gamefish. Extra Strong – Extra Tough – Forged Stainless Steel Rite Angler Products Only...
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7×7 Fishing Cable 25Ft.
7x7 Cable, 25 ft. For Heavy-duty Fishing7x7 fishing cable for high strength, and durability. The best cable for big game fishing, saltwater, and sportfishing rigs. Less stretch than monofilament. Set hooks faster and more accurately. Saltwater grade, highly corrosion-resistant cable....
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Kingfish Double Rig (2 Pack)
Many anglers swear by these Rite Angler Kingfish Double Rigs. They’re designed to rig live pilchard, ballyhoo, speedos, goggle eyes, or blue runners. Like our other rigs and jigs, these rigs are made by fishermen for fishermen and ready to use right out...
Ballyhoo Rig (3 pack)
Rite Angler's Ballyhoo RigPre-rigged with 80-lb. test (#7) single-strand 5′ wire leaders, copper wire. O’Shaughnessy, 1X long shank hooks, single strand wire, haywire wrap. Ballyhoo rigging is a simple method to save time when rigging your bait. Copper rigging wire...
Stainless Steel Planer
Stainless Steel Planer Rite Angler's stainless steel planer is available in three sizes. Use the smaller planers for low-speed trolling with small lures, and the larger ones for faster speeds and larger lures. It allows you to fight your fish...
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11" Jet Head Trolling Lures Set of 5
Set of five, 11" pre-rigged jet head trolling lures with highly reflective abalone insert. Includes carrying case. Pre-Rigged Jet Head Trolling Lures Set of 5 11" pre-rigged jet head trolling lures for big game sport fishing: Crystal resin concave jet...
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9" Chuggers Set of Six
Rite Angler 9" Chugger Head Trolling Lures These heavy-duty, saltwater fishing lures will put big game fish in your boat! Chugger head style. Topwater trolling lures produce an in-line action. The concave head makes the chugger really dig in. They...
Sewing Needle for Bait Rigging
Rite Angler sewing needles help to make bait rigging easier. Rig your bait like the pros! The needles have an open eye with a low profile that won't make large holes in your bait. Use for threading and tying floss or...
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