8" Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm 10/pk
8" Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm 10/pk We make Charlie's Classic 8" Swimming Worm Made with high-quality, medium texture plastisol which allows its flexible ribbon tail to move naturally. This durable worm holds up, cast after cast. This Ribbon Tailed Worm floats...
Zipper Dipper (6 pack)
4.5" long, Charlie’s Zipper Dipper Classic Solid Body, Paddle Tail Swimbait Design Catch bass year-round in any water conditions with Charlie's pre-scented paddle tail swimbait Zipper Dipper. The round tapered shape and ridged back help create motion that fish notice...
Salt Bang-O (10 Pack)
Charlie's Worms Salt Bang-O Scented Soft Bait Stick Worm 5.5" long Salt Bang-O. Available in 11 bass loving colors. A medium textured soft bait made from high-quality plastic. It produces great results anywhere there's bass. Infused with special grain salt...
Red Eye Jig
Red-eyed fishing jigs in seven sizes, three per package. Ideal for soft bait, shrimp, or worms where slow sinking is desired 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 oz. sizes to choose from.--Red Eye Jig Saltwater & Freshwater. SIZES: 1/16,...
Swimming Juke (8 Pack)
Charlie's 5" Swimming Juke is a classic soft plastic lure and makes great jerk bait. It has a tapered design that adapts to a variety of situations. As a result, it's a great bait for jigging on the bottom. Made...
Flippin' Bug (6 Pack)
Charlie’s Flippin' Bug is made of a durable, long-lasting, soft plastic that can create motion in the water. Available in a variety of colors. The Flippin'Bug is a 4.5" long creature bait that won't let you down. (6 pack) When...
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