Ultra-Premium Fishing Pliers
Rite Angler’s Ultra-Premium, 9” Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers/Multi-tool When you’re heavy into the action, you need a reliable pair of fishing pliers to quickly rig and crimp your lines and de-hook your catch before the frenzy ends. You need Rite...
$90.00 $45.00
Tuna Dart Trolling Lures Set of 4
Tuna Dart Trolling Lures - Four, 8" Pre-rigged, Skirted Lures Attract big game fish when trolling with this set of high-quality lures. This set allows you variety and the ability to build a selection of base colors. The acrylic dart...
$44.99 $39.99
Rite Angler Fillet Knife Set
FILLET KNIFE SET Rite Angler’s Fillet Knife Set contains two perfectly sized knives and fitted sheaths. Our sharp 8" & 6" knives are suitable for all trimming tasks and for fish of any size. Great kitchen or fishing knife. Fillet...
$35.99 $19.50
UPF 50 High Performance Fishing Shirts
Every angler, whether offshore, nearshore, or freshwater, needs protection from the elements. While sunscreen has its place, covering your upper half with greasy, slimy sunscreen can lead to a very annoying outcome, and lost fish. With Charlie’s Worms UPF 50...
from $44.99
8" Chugger Head Trolling Lures Set of 10
10, 8″, pre-rigged chugger-head topwater trolling lures in four colors Chugger style lures produce an in-line action. They swim well in calm or rough conditions. The concave head makes a chugger dig in. This creates a bubble trail that attracts...
$79.99 $72.00
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Cast Net 8' Radius 1/4" Square Mesh Clear Mono
Cast Net 8' Radius and 1/4" square mesh clear monofilament Cast nets have been used, with various modifications, for thousands of years. A circular net with small weights distributed around its edge. Easily catch small “forage fish” to then use...
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