8" Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm 10/pk
8" Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm 10/pk We make Charlie's Classic 8" Swimming Worm Made with high-quality, medium texture plastisol which allows its flexible ribbon tail to move naturally. This durable worm holds up, cast after cast. This Ribbon Tailed Worm floats...
Charlie's Jig Heads (6 pack)
Charlie's Jig Heads. Weighted, baitfish style.  (Pack of 6) Seven colors to choose from. Made from the highest quality materials. High-end paint. Detailed and resistant to scuffs and scratches. Features premium 3/0 black nickel finish, ultra-sharp, saltwater grade hooks. The...
Charlie's Pompano Bucktail Jig (2 Pack) - Yellow Shad
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Charlie's Pompano Bucktail Jig (2 Pack) - Yellow Shad
Charlie's Pompano Bucktail Jig Available in 1/4 oz. or 3/8oz. sizes, in numerous fish-attracting colors.  An egghead-shaped jig with a 1/0 durable needlepoint hook that will hang on when fighting large gamefish. Our Pompano Jig maintains a natural appearance gliding...
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Large Crawfish (8 Pack)
At 4" long, and available in nine color variations, Charlie's Worms Large Crawfish is a versatile freshwater creature bait. Late winter through early spring as well as early fall are the best for fishing aggressively with a crawfish.-- 4" long,...
Charlie's Pre-Rigged Shrimp Trio (3 Pack)
Charlie’s pre-rigged shrimp trio — ready-to-go right out of the package. Charlie’s Worm's own realistic fantail shrimp design. Scented soft bait that holds up, cast after cast. Weighted insert in the center Realistic movement 4" body with black, protruding eyes...
Zipper Dipper (6 pack)
4.5" long, Charlie’s Zipper Dipper Classic Solid Body, Paddle Tail Swimbait Design Catch bass year-round in any water conditions with Charlie's pre-scented paddle tail swimbait Zipper Dipper. The round tapered shape and ridged back help create motion that fish notice...
2 oz. Jiggin' Dipper
2 oz. Saltwater Jiggin' Dipper. Hand-tied bucktail with tinsel that fish can see. Available in 3/8oz. - 8oz. sizes. 1/pk. The scaled holographic head of our 2 oz. Jiggin' Dipper has been custom designed with high-quality 3D details. All the...
Flash Jig (3/8oz.)
Carefully designed 3/8 oz., hand-tied Flash Jig with a holographic strip down each side for some extra attention-grabbing flash. A very effective jig with a sturdy 3/0 hook. Pearl color holographic flash skirt, mylar metallic tinsel, and a hand-painted, two-tone...
Deep Drop Rig Blue Line
Custom Deep Drop Rig with 5 hooks, 300lb blue monofilament line and glow in the dark oval beads. 300lb test mono. 400lb test leader dropper arms. 75lb, dolphin barrel snap swivels. Five black nickel finish circle hooks. Deep drop rig...
Pompano Rig (1 Pack)
Pompano fishing rig with 40-lb. test monofilament, #5 barrel swivel, and a snap on the bottom. 2-Hook Rig – Hook: 2/0, Length: 35" 3-Hook Rig – Hook: 2/0, Length: 54" Rite Angler Pompano Rig, 40-lb. test monofilament, with a #5 barrel swivel and a snap on...
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Damascus Steel Chef's Knife 8"
Rite Angler's Chef's Knife is packaged in a high-quality, black, clamshell gift box. Damascus steel is a famed type of steel recognizable by the watery or wavy light and dark pattern of the metal. It is beautiful and highly valued...
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Fishing Kite
This ultimate high-performance saltwater Fishing Kite exceeds all expectations and flies steadily in winds from 5 - 25 mph. Rite Angler’s kite will not only attract fish but will also be the envy of other fishermen. It has colorful graphics...
Swim Bait Kit
4” swim bait with a carefully designed narrow body and paddle tail to create balanced action in the water. 22 piece kit includes hooks and weights The Swim Bait Kit contains 22 pieces in four assorted colors and includes weights...
Green Blazer Fish & Game LED Floodlight
The Rite Angler Green Blazer fish & game LED Floodlight is compact and specifically designed for attracting fish to your dock or boat while night fishing by providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. It illuminates the surrounding water in a...
Jerk Bait Kit
Charlie's Worms 23 piece jerk bait kit in assorted colors with 3 jigs. 4” soft plastic Swimming Juke has natural movement and a realistic appearance underwater.--Charlie’s Worms Jerk Bait Kit contains 23 pieces in four assorted colors and includes three...
Aussie Swivel
Aussie SwivelsAussie Swivels are one of the strongest big game swivels around. You need something tough to fight the big fish. This swivel is what you'll want on your rig. These are heavy-duty swivels with welded eyes and ball-bearings. This...
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B.B. Snap Swivel, 2/pk
Rite Angler B.B. Snap Swivel 2/pk SNAP SWIVEL 2/PK SIZES: 6 mm. B.B. Snap Swivel, 300lb 7 mm. B.B. Snap Swivel, 400lb 9 mm. B.B. Snap Swivel, 600lb Rite Angler’s Aussie B.B. Snap Swivels are durable and made with highly...
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Cast Net 8' Radius 1/4" Square Mesh Clear Mono
Cast Net 8' Radius and 1/4" square mesh clear monofilament Cast nets have been used, with various modifications, for thousands of years. A circular net with small weights distributed around its edge. Easily catch small “forage fish” to then use...
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