8" Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm 10/pk
8" Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm 10/pk We make Charlie's Classic 8" Swimming Worm Made with high-quality, medium texture plastisol which allows its flexible ribbon tail to move naturally. This durable worm holds up, cast after cast. This Ribbon Tailed Worm floats...
Twitchin' Shad (8 Pack)
Charlie's 5" Twitchin' Shad has a fat body and slender tail that allows it to swim like a live shad when moving slow or fast. Swims with a side-to-side motion when cranking it across the surface Made from durable soft...
Finesse Worm (14 Pack)
Charlie’s Finesse Worm is 6" long and has a uniquely different shape from other soft plastic worms. It has a tapered design with most of its weight focused on either end of the worm, offering superior action when cranking. With...
1/2 oz. Jiggin' Dipper
1/2 oz., Jiggin' Dipper The scaled holographic head of our 1/2 oz. Jiggin' Dipper has been custom designed with high-quality 3D details. All the components of this bucktail jig are saltwater grade and highly resistant to corrosion. Charlie's Jiggin’ Dippers are available...
Gecko (8 Pack)
Charlie's Worms Gecko. The lizard with a swimming tail!Realistic high-quality design. Charlie’s 6.5" soft bait gecko features a sleek lightweight profile and webbed feet for life-like action. During bass spawning season these are the go-to bait for many tournament anglers....
Lil' Zipper Dipper (8 pack)
4” Scented soft bait. Lil' Zipper Dipper has a carefully designed narrow body and paddle tail to create balanced action in the water. Works well with our jig heads too. 8 pack -- Charlie’s Worms Lil' Zipper Dipper, 4" long...
Complete Beach & Pier Fishing Kit
157-Piece Complete Beach & Pier Fishing Kit Up your pier, dock, or beach fishing game with the Complete Beach & Pier Fishing Kit. Just grab your kit, hit the beach, and slay the Pompano, Redfish, Spanish Mackerel, Whiting, Snook, Tarpon,...
4" Curly-Tail Grub (12 Pack)
Charlie's Worms 4" Curly-Tail Grub 12 pack Versatile! Found in every angler’s tackle box. You can use it for almost anything. A grub works well in any setting for freshwater and saltwater. This soft-plastic lure has a ribbed body and a...
Charlie's 3/8 oz. Potbelly Bucktail Jig - White/Red
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Charlie's 3/8 oz. Potbelly Bucktail Jig - White/Red
3/8 oz. Potbelly Bucktail Jig Use these hand-tied bucktail jigs for inshore, nearshore, and offshore fishing. You can fish these in a number of ways from shore and boat. High-quality finish, two-tone, painted eyes. Hand-tied real bucktail with flashy tinsel...
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German Steel Fillet Knife 6" or 8"
German Steel Fillet Knife Custom designed 6" or 8"  knives from Rite Angler Each Rite Angler Fillet Knife is packaged along with a fitted sheath in a high-quality, clam-shell, black box with the Rite Angler logo embossed in red foil...
$75.99 from $69.00
Ultimate Beach & Pier Fishing Kit
327-Piece Ultimate Beach & Pier Fishing Kit - Large Kit Take your pier, dock, or surfcasting game to the next level with this Ultimate Beach & Pier Fishing Kit. These kits are designed to help you slay Pompano, Redfish, Spanish Mackerel,...
Complete Tackle Kit
Rite Angler Complete Tackle Kit Contains: 1 Bait Knife 1 multi-tool pliers with plastic-dipped cushioned handles for comfort 2 Sabiki Bait Rigs so you can get started with loading up on baitfish 25 Each: Octopus Beak Hooks, #2, #1 &...
$82.99 $74.99
Stainless Steel Split Ring Pliers
Deluxe stainless steel split ring pliers. Made of forged stainless steel with vinyl-coated handles and cutting jaws. Rite Angler fishing products use the finest in raw materials and handmade craftsmanship. Rite Angler is dedicated to both freshwater and saltwater fishermen....
Fish Hook Remover
Fish Hook Remover - Push/Pull Two curves design, push the embedded hooks off and pull it out of the fish. The S-Design reduces damage to released fish. Push to dislodge the hook, turn the handle, and pull to remove. Rite...
Egg Sinker Kit
Great for trolling, inshore and offshore bottom fishing when using live bait. Also ideal for Carolina rigging for bass, and catfish. Resists snags and can slip easily through mud, sand, rocks, and weeds. Put one on the line above the...
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