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Chicken Rig 3 pack
3′ Chicken Rig, ideal for shallow or deep reefs Duolock snap swivel Eagle Claw L197 hooks Sizes: 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 Chicken Rig is a 3′ rig used for going after Snapper, Porgy, or any other reef fish. You can use almost...
Deep Drop Rig Blue Line
Custom Deep Drop Rig with 5 hooks, 300lb blue monofilament line and glow in the dark oval beads. 300lb test mono. 400lb test leader dropper arms. 75lb, dolphin barrel snap swivels. Five black nickel finish circle hooks. Deep drop rig...
Pompano Rig (1 Pack)
Pompano fishing rig with 40-lb. test monofilament, #5 barrel swivel, and a snap on the bottom. 2-Hook Rig – Hook: 2/0, Length: 35" 3-Hook Rig – Hook: 2/0, Length: 54" Rite Angler Pompano Rig, 40-lb. test monofilament, with a #5 barrel swivel and a snap on...
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Deep Drop Wreckfish Rig 400lb. Mono., 5, 16/0 Hooks
Rite Angler Deep Drop Wreckfish Rig Features 2X heavy-duty, 16/0, inline circle hooks with a duratin finish. Each hook has a luminous crimp protector that will attract fish to the light. The sail snap and swivels that attach to your...
Grouper Rig with Egg Sinker
Grouper Rig with Egg Sinker. Designed especially for grouper, also effective on snapper and tarpon. Superior quality monofilament leader that can withstand line-gnawing reefs, a 2oz. barrel swivel, egg sinker, and an in-line circle hook that meets the requirements of...
Nylon Coated Wire Leader Hook Rigs - Silver
Nylon coated wire leader hook rigs from Rite Angler, available in black or silver, 9”, 18" lengths, 30lb, 45lb leaders, #4 Crane swivels. 6/pk -- Nylon-coated wire leader hook rigs from Rite Angler outperform the competition. Effective for immediate rigging....
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Nylon Coated Wire Leader Rigs - Silver
Nylon Coated Wire Leader Rigs. Choose black or silver. 6”, 9”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 36” lengths. 20lb, 30lb, 45lb. 6 pack. -- High-quality nylon coated wire leader rigs from Rite Angler outperform the competition. Effective for immediate rigging. The pre-tied...
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Bead Chain Rig (2 pack)
Bead Chain Rigs from Rite Angler for Ballyhoo Rigging Rig natural baits, tube lures, and plastic tails. O'Shaughnessy long shank, duratin finish hooks. 6/0, 7/0, 8/0 sizes. High-quality bead chain rigs made with saltwater-grade materials. A bead chain rig allows...
Fishing Kite
This ultimate high-performance saltwater Fishing Kite exceeds all expectations and flies steadily in winds from 5 - 25 mph. Rite Angler’s kite will not only attract fish but will also be the envy of other fishermen. It has colorful graphics...
Mackerel Rig (2 pack)
Mackerel Rigs with barrel swivels, high-quality wire leaders, and haywire twists for strength. High-quality corrosion-resistant materials. 2 pack.--Mackerel Rigs work well with live bait. They have barrel swivels, high-quality wire leaders, and haywire twists for strength. A haywire twist is considered to...
Poor Man's Downrigger
Rite Angler's Poor Man's Downrigger gets your bait down deep! Choose your size. 1/pk--Rite Angler's Poor Man's Downrigger gets your bait down deep! This fishing rig is a cost-efficient method of getting your bait down deep. This innovative product combines...
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Big Game Rig 5ft Cable (200lb) Circle Hook — Compliant
THE BIG GAME CABLE RIG: Saltwater grade, highly corrosion-resistant materials Extra strong, extra tough – 2X Duratin finish circle hooks available in different sizes 200lb. Test Cable Shark Rig, hook sizes 14/0, 16/0, 18/0 2/0, 225-lb.-test barrel swivel, All connections...
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Deluxe 7x7 Cable Big Game Rig
Rite Angler Deluxe 7x7 Cable Big Game Rig Extra strong, extra tough – O’Shaughnessy Duratin 9/0 2X hook. 7x7 480lb test cable, 8' in length. Attached to single strand copper wire 44” in length. All connections are securely crimped with...
Big Game Rig 5ft Mono. (200lb) Circle Hook — Compliant
THE BIG GAME MONO RIG: Saltwater grade, highly corrosion-resistant materials Extra strong, extra tough – 2X Duratin finish circle hooks available in different sizes 200lb. Test Mono Shark Rig, hook sizes 14/0, 16/0, 18/0 2/0, 225-lb.-test barrel swivel, All connections...
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Musky Rig (2 pack)
Musky Rigs with Ball-bearing or barrel swivel choices. 10", 18" 125-lb. test heavy-duty fluorocarbon. 2 pack--Rite Angler MUSKY RIGS are made with heavy-duty fluorocarbon with the “invisibility advantage!” Available with barrel swivel or ball bearing swivel. Ball-bearing vs barrel swivels,...
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Double Drop Rig, Clear Mono or Wire Line
Rite Angler's Double Drop Rig two-pack is designed with superior, anti-corrosive materials and can be relied upon for continuous success. Available in clear mono or black wire Fish two hooks on these high-quality rigs Useful at beaches, bridges, and piers...
Redfish Pier Rig (2 pack)
Redfish Pier Rig Piers, breakwaters, and jetties, are mini reefs and a source of food and shelter as far as fish are concerned. You're going to need some strong tackle as fighting a big fish and potentially lifting its full...
10oz. Pin Rig
10oz. Pin Rig from Rite Angler Egg sinker, spring twist lock centering pin Once a suitable baitfish is caught, rig it with the pin setup and place it on the anchor line. 2 Pack Superior, precision craftsmanship Weighted dredge pin,...
Grouper Fishing Rig (3 pack)
Designed for Grouper but excellent for Snapper and Tarpon as well. Made in-house with an eagle claw l2004 circle hook. 3-foot leaders. 6/0, 60lb test 3PK 7/0, 80lb test 3PK 8/0, 125lb test 3PK--Rite Angler Grouper Fishing Rig Superior quality...
from $5.00
Double Hookset Rig
The heavy-duty double hookset rig features a pair of 180-degree offset 3407 Mustad O’Shaughnessy saltwater hooks with ringed eyes and a Duratin finish. The stainless steel cable is heat shrink tubing wrapped for abrasion resistance and keeping the hooks in...
Big Game Rig - J Hook
Big Game Rig - Extra strong, Extra tough, O'Shaughnessy Duratin 2X hooks Cable Rig Hook Sizes 9/0, 10/0, 12/0  – Rite Angler's terminal tackle big game rigs are relatively simple with one critical component, heavy-duty wire cable. Sharks, for example,...
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Ready Rig (2 Pack)
Ready Rig from Rite Angler. Heavy-duty, nylon-coated 2′ wire, crimped barrel swivel, interlocking snaps, egg sinkers. 1/pk--Ready Rig from Rite Angler Saltwater grade, highly corrosion-resistant materials.  Heavy-duty nylon-coated 2′ wire Streamlined, crimped barrel swivel Strong interlocking snaps on each Rigged...
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Dead Bait Rig 7/0 (3 pack)
Rite Angler Dead Bait Rig Constructed with two 7/0 hooks,  single-strand wire, and a #5 barrel swivel for easy tie-in. All hardware is attached via haywire twists for maximum strength. Add a sinker on the main line above the swivel,...
Snapper Rig (3 pack)
Rite Angler Snapper Rigs use in-line circle hooks with 40lb, 50lb, and 60lb 3' leaders.  Choose from 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 size hooks. 3-pack Superior quality 40lb, 50lb, and 60lb 3′ fluorocarbon leader, corrosion-resistant black nickel finish barrel swivel, and a...
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cw saltwater collection

Going Saltwater Fishing? We got you covered!

Charlie’s Worms saltwater fishing collection offers saltwater anglers nearly everything needed to catch massive blue marlin, spectacular sailfish, or the grumpiest grouper on the reef.
If you love saltwater fishing, you’ll love the lures, hooks, sinkers, line and leader, swivels, crimps and jigs in our saltwater fishing collection. Or, as we call it, the best collection of superb quality saltwater fishing tackle you’ll find anywhere.
But Charlies’ Worms saltwater fishing collection isn’t just for catching giant blue marlin or sailfish. Our saltwater fishing collection offers the trolling lures, jigs and terminal tackle for fishing every type of saltwater fish.
We have the gear to help you catch Mahi-mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, Snapper, Kingfish, Grouper, Tilefish, Swordfish and more!

Charlie’s Worms saltwater fishing collection includes a wide array of trolling lures, bucktail jigs, Jig heads, terminal tackle like sinkers hooks, crimp sleeves, crimping kits and hook kits.
Our saltwater fishing collection offers trolling lures in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Our sinkers come in a variety of weights and shapes, and we have hooks of all styles and sizes.
Of course, for the biggest blue marlin, nothing beats a set of 12” chugger trolling lures!

Charlie’s Worms saltwater fishing collection offers the highest quality:

Cast nets
Trolling lures
Soft baits
Deep drop rigs
Grouper rigs
Chicken rigs
Pompano Rigs
Snapper rigs
Bucktail Jigs
Jig Heads
Fluorocarbon leader
Trolling leads
Fishing kites
Deep drop lights
Ballyhoo, Mortician and other bait rigging needles
Live bait balloons
Crimp Sleeves
Full saltwater fishing kits
Saltwater rigging kits
The strongest hooks
And More!

Why Choose Charlie’s Worms saltwater fishing collection 

All Charlie’s Worms trolling lures, baits, jigs and tackle in our saltwater fishing collection are made from the highest quality materials. We are known, industrywide, as having some of the most effective gear in the industry. But, even though we offer the highest quality saltwater lures and tackle anywhere, we offer them to you at an unbeatable value.
Why? Because we love fishing too!
All our trolling lures, soft baits, jigs, and terminal tackle were hand selected for our collection, by saltwater anglers, for saltwater anglers.

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