1/2 oz. Jiggin' Dipper
1/2 oz., Jiggin' Dipper The scaled holographic head of our 1/2 oz. Jiggin' Dipper has been custom designed with high-quality 3D details. All the components of this bucktail jig are saltwater grade and highly resistant to corrosion. Charlie's Jiggin’ Dippers are available...
Hoppin' Frog (6 Pack)
Charlie’s Worms 3.5″ Hoppin’ Frog scented soft bait. Target small and largemouth bass, pickerel, muskie, and more. 6pk--Charlie’s Worms Hoppin' Frog soft bait is one of many products in a line spanning over 40 years. A freshwater swimbait. Perfectly shaped...
Charlie's Creature (8 pack)
Charlie’s Creature - 5" long crawfish-shaped soft plastic bait. An old saying says, "Always fish with what the fish are eating," and Bass love Charlie's soft plastic Creatures! Bass put crawfish at the top of their food choices primarily due...
Complete Tackle Kit
Rite Angler Complete Tackle Kit Contains: 1 Bait Knife 1 multi-tool pliers with plastic-dipped cushioned handles for comfort 2 Sabiki Bait Rigs so you can get started with loading up on baitfish 25 Each: Octopus Beak Hooks, #2, #1 &...
$82.99 $74.99
Sold Out
6" Ribbon Tail Swimming Worm (12 Pack)
Charlie's classic 6" ribbon tail swimming worms Made from high-quality, scented plastisol. Ribbed, soft plastic body with a tapered ribbon tail that allows it to move naturally. Our swimming worm floats just beneath the surface when rigged. Ribbon tail worms...
Lightweight Spinning Reel
Lightweight spinning reel in 4 sizes. Great for fresh and saltwater. This ball-bearing spinning reel will allow you to cast farther with lighter lures.--Quality, lightweight spinning reel. Throw lighter lures farther, it's built for distance. Casting across or into the...
from $13.99
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Jigs can be used in almost any conditions, during any fishing season and for almost any kind of fish. Undoubtedly, jigs belong in every angler’s tacklebox.

But not all jigs are created equal. It’s why Charlie’s Worms has hand selected the world’s highest quality, best performing jigs. Our jigs collection cannot be beat either in quality or in price.

We offer jig heads, bucktail jigs, jigging dippers, pompano bucktail jigs, red eye jig kits, potbelly bucktail jigs, and more!

Whether you’re fishing lakes for largemouth bass, or fishing inlets for flounder, Charlie’s Worms has the right jigs for you.


The best part of fishing jigs?

You can catch your target species nearly year-round. They’re even great for ice fishing. And because of how jigs act in the water, predatory fish cannot resist them.

Whether you’re vertical jigging or simply slow pitch jigging, we have exactly what you need to succeed, guaranteed!

Our jigs are designed to catch largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill, catfish, carp, striped bass, reef-fish like grouper and snapper, flounder, amberjack, tuna and, well, pretty much every fish found in both fresh and saltwater.

We even have large 8-ounce jigs with hand-tied bucktail to catch enormous fish way down deep.

Different types of Jigs

Charlie’s Worms jigs come in a wide variety of colors and weights, and all come with durable needle-sharp hooks. All our bucktail jigs are hand-tied and come with a high-quality paint finish. But that’s not all.

We offer:

Complete red eye jig head kits

Pompano bucktail jigs

Jigging dippers of all weights, sizes and colors

Potbelly bucktail jigs

Why Choose Charlie’s Worms Jigs

All Charlie’s Worms jigs are constructed from the highest quality materials. You won’t find higher quality jigs, at a better-quality value anywhere else.

The jigs in our collection were custom designed by anglers. All our jigs are tested in real-world conditions by real-world anglers, and are made for one purpose only…

To help you catch more fish.  

Get out and jig with Charlie’s Worms!

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